Product Information

Where do our decks come from?

Our blank skateboard decks are made in the best factories using the latest and greatest production techniques. Our suppliers have years of experience producing high-quality, top-performing decks for big brands and professional skateboarders. Our boards are made with high-quality Canadian maple wood, along with the best epoxy glues and skateboard presses. If you're looking for a skateboard deck that's designed to last and deliver the best performance, then our (customized) blank decks are the perfect choice for you.

How do we print our CustomDecks?

We use two fantastic print methods for our skateboard decks:

  • Heat transfer: This method is aimed at the skateboarder themselves and is considered the contemporary production standard. The features are perfect wear resistance, fantastic print quality, and these prints offer the skateboard experience that any other board from the skate shop gives you. This makes it a great choice for skaters who are looking for a unique and high-quality print on their board.

  • Wall-art: This method is aimed at the artist and for making birthday gifts or other decorative boards that are hung on the wall. The features are superior print quality, scratch- and moisture-resistant finish, and fast delivery times.

Why are our parts so cheap?

Our skate shop offers high-quality parts such as trucks and wheels at attractive prices compared to other stores. This is possible because we purchase directly from factories and our products do not bear a brand name but are 'blank.' These products are produced in the same factories where the market leaders have their products made, so despite the competitive price, we guarantee top quality.

In addition, we offer a wide range of color variations in our parts, which perfectly matches the CustomDecks concept. This allows you to create and personalize your own unique setup.

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