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How are our decks fabricated?

Our decks are made with 7-ply maple wood in combination with the latest adhesive technologies. Our suppliers have been guaranteeing high-quality decks for years. Major brands also use these suppliers. The decks can of course also be ordered blank, without graphic. Our parts are also of good quality, and are affordable because they are unbranded. Click here for blank decks & accessories.


Which printing methods do we use?

We have three printing methods for the printing of the decks. Two printing methods are aimed at skateboarding use of the decks. The third printing method is purely aimed at producing art! The "wall-art transfers" are an in-house developed printing method for the production of unique "one off" skateboards, without high start-up costs and long delivery times. The "heat transfer" printing method is the most common way of printing skateboards. This is the printing method that you also encounter in skate shops etc. Below we explain all two printing methods.


How can we offer spare parts for these low prices?

Compared to other skate shops, our trucks, wheels, etc. are a lot cheaper. This is possible because we buy our products directly from the factory, and because there is no brand mentioned on the products. They are 'blank parts'. The products come from the same factories where the market leaders get their products from, so they guarantee the top quality despite the price!
What fits well with the concept of CustomDecks is that there is a choice of different color variations for the parts. This is how you personalize your entire setup!


- Klassieke "heat transfers"

The "heat transfer" printing method is the most used printing method for printing skateboard decks in 2021. This is the printing method that you often encounter at skate shops and pro brands. If you want to go for the real deal as a skater, this printing method is the right choice. With a slightly lower print quality, this printing method is head and shoulders above the above printing methods when it comes to skateboarding use. This printing method is not without reason the most used printing method in the skateboard industry. We can offer CustomDecks in quantities from 1 piece produced with the heat transfer method; this is very unique. Many companies use a minimum of 20 skateboards/design.
These decks are, and this printing method is EXTREMELY suitable for skating!

- CustomDecks "Wall-art transfers"

This printing method is perfect for the production of skateboards that are produced purely for art. Our combination of high-quality print materials, a beautiful finish and the professional application of the designs ensures beautiful eye-catchers in the studio, living room, etc.
The CustomDecks "Wall art transfers" have the best print quality we have to offer.
These prints are NOT suitable for skating!