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Custom Decks was set up by father and son. The combination of fanatic skater (son) and passionate photo and graphics printer (father) led to the idea for Custom Decks. There has always been an interest in custom skateboards, from cutting griptape to spraying the underside of a blank deck. With Custom Decks we want to add something new, CustomDecks strives for the most durable graphics under the best quality decks. By the best quality we mean: durable (graphics remain visible for a long time, even with intensive skateboarding), sharp print quality and high-quality decks of excellent quality with the aim of satisfied customers! We try to achieve this goal in our own way.

At the end of 2017, the concept started to take shape, and a lot of experimenting with different printing techniques was taking place. Because we want to make it an accessible product for consumers, we think it is important that orders can be ordered from one piece. Where this is often not possible at other providers, we can offer this through the use of high-quality vinyl transfers. Unlike the traditional screen printing method, or heat transfer method, there are no high start-up costs involved. We only use the heat transfer method for larger runs. In this way we have been able to realize the concept of CustomDecks in our own way.


We believe that every design is a work of art and every production must be treated as a work of art. In our eyes you can design a graphic, have the deck made, and then hang it on the wall at home as a work of art. Of course the decks are also very suitable to steal the show at your local park or on the streets!